Teaching: Not As Thankless As You Think

As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news, teaching is a bit of a thankless job at the minute. We’ve got more and more things to do, and nobody is giving us any thanks, right? Well… not quite.

The Christmas build up feels like an ever lasting period of chaos. We’re running around trying to make sure all the kids have something (preferably nice) to take home with them as somewhat of a gift. You know, the usual: calendars, something to hang on the tree, cards… Then we’ve got our traditional visit to the pantomime to organise, the Christmas production, finishing any big projects we’ve started, getting the classroom tidy, then getting the classroom organised for the new year. It’s a busy time.

And then it’s the evening of the Christmas performance. Before you’ve even had time to blink. Every year it seems to come round quicker than the last. This year, as with the previous years, was another great show by the kids, but something else stood out even more… the community. It’s great to feel a part of something that brings people together.

After the performance, I hung around to help pack away the stage and chairs. Whilst standing with the other teachers, it became noticeable that the parents seemed to have really enjoyed the performance. It’s great to see something we’ve all worked so hard on be received in such a positive way. And then we were approached by several parents who all said thanks and showed their appreciation of the work that the staff and children had put in.

Eventually, the hall started to begin to empty and we deemed it was safe to start dismantling our temporary stage and pack away the chairs. The remaining parents and carers of the children were quick to help, and just talking to them as we busied around the hall was great. It was a real community feel.

Then the last day of term. With tired eyes I welcomed the children to the school for their final morning of 2015. Suddenly, cards and presents! After two years of receiving Christmas presents I suppose I could expect them, but I don’t. It’s complete surprise, and it’s amazing to be thanked with smiles, well wishes, handmade gifts, and everything else. It really means so much to know that the children enjoy their schooling.

So, before I take a break from being Mr. B for the holidays, I’d like to wish all the children at our school, and their parents, a merry Christmas and a happy new year, and a huge thank you for making teaching the best job there is.

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