The Big Dig: Our Own Excavation

You may have seen, earlier this term I posted my plans for a ‘Big Dig’ topic all about rocks, soil, minerals, excavations and dinosaurs. Some of the kids had been asking since September to cover dinosaurs and I felt it was time that we did just that.

I’d also felt as though, following the Victorian topic where we didn’t have a school trip, it was something I wanted to make a thoroughly hands-on wow topic. I mean, I always try to do this, but sometimes you know exactly how to capture children’s imagination… and sometimes, for all you try, it’s much more difficult.

It all began when I revealed that the British Archaeological Association had contacted me with a letter expressing that we may have a prehistoric remain with significant importance. Read more

The Big Dig

2015-04-04 12.34.19


Our new topic, after Easter, will be ‘The Big Dig’. There’s a bunch of children in the class who love dinosaurs and have been asking to do a topic about them for a while. I figured it was about time that we did just that.

Above is my brainstorm of ideas related to the topic. If you’ve got any ideas that have worked really well, I’d love to hear them.

PS: Click on the image (and then click it again) to see a full-size version.



Making it about the kids.

This term, I’m really trying to make the stuff I’m teaching child-led, or at least seem that way. It’s much easier in the foundation subjects and science and is still a long way off being achieved in maths and English… especially with such a spread all learning something different at any one time. So our Great Outdoors topic this term is starting with the children.


Today I started with giving the children the opportunity to think up some questions of their own that they wanted answering. This was rather more successful than I thought.

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