The Big Dig: Our Own Excavation

You may have seen, earlier this term I posted my plans for a ‘Big Dig’ topic all about rocks, soil, minerals, excavations and dinosaurs. Some of the kids had been asking since September to cover dinosaurs and I felt it was time that we did just that.

I’d also felt as though, following the Victorian topic where we didn’t have a school trip, it was something I wanted to make a thoroughly hands-on wow topic. I mean, I always try to do this, but sometimes you know exactly how to capture children’s imagination… and sometimes, for all you try, it’s much more difficult.

It all began when I revealed that the British Archaeological Association had contacted me with a letter expressing that we may have a prehistoric remain with significant importance. Read more

Exploring Bacteria: Bread In A Bag

Last term, my class were looking at the human body and, in particular, the digestive system. We went down the route of identifying organs, what they looked like, what their functions are and where they are in the body. Our science display now holds junk digestive system models (along with labels to help explain what they are!).

Whilst we were looking at this topic, it was a great opportunity to push hygiene. There’s a few kids in my class who don’t wash their hands without being prompted, and I’ve got to say it’s mostly boys… the ones who play football. Surprising how muddy their hands get when they’re playing football.

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Raspberries, Apples, Scratching and Pythons.

The new computing curriculum is on its way, whether we like it or not… and, coincidentally, I do. I think part of my relative happiness that the IT curriculum is being updated stems from the fact that I like technology.

I’ve always loved a good gadget and taught myself to use a couple of different ‘coding languages’, albeit to a fairly simple level. And the new curriculum, as we all know, includes a section on computer science. The nerd in me loves this!

I was lucky enough today to attend the Hull IT conference 2014 and got to see some pretty cool stuff. I’m not going to blab on too much about it all – a lot of it was marketing – but I’ll mention a couple of things I’ve taken away from the day.

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