Download Maths Attax: Complete Set

A little while back, I made a set of ‘Maths Attax’ with the intention of using them as maths starter activities since Match Attax was the craze in school.

All in, I made 48 individual players each with stats individual to the player’s capability (so as to keep them as close to the real thing as possible). I’d promised on Twitter and Facebook to release these as a full set once completed and today was reminded. So, here they are.

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Match Attax Download: Set #1

Set 1 of Maths Attax is now up for download. It’s totally free, but you do need to share the link in order to see the download link. What’s a little social payment in return, right?



I’ve included two pages of printable cards, and a back side for each card (incase you wanted to print double sided before laminating for ultimate ‘real’ feel).

I’d also love to know what you think to these. Please get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or leave a comment on this post. There’ll be another set (or a few) following shortly.


Maths Attax

It’s been a while since I’ve made something massive, from scratch, for the kids. I used to make all sorts of things: I once changed a ‘Guess Who’ board to a maths game by swapping out the faces and adding in numbers. You know, to practice things like factors, odd numbers, multiples etc. I also made a card game to help children learn to tell the time. Last year, I created some dinosaur bones and buried them for us to ‘find’ in the school garden. I like to think I can be quite creative.

Recently, though, I’ve found it difficult to come up with new ideas. I’m not sure why. Maybe I spent all my good ideas too quickly early on, or maybe I’ve been that focused on other things (SATs, assessments, riding my bike…) that I’ve not put any time into thinking up new ideas.

That changed last week though, when I was struck by something obvious.

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