Terminology and English

As part of our INSET at the beginning of term I was lucky enough to have a little subject knowledge booster about the terminology used in the English curriculum, particularly thinking about the SPaG tests. For me, it was interesting and enjoyable. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and language, and already knew lots of the stuff we were being told from an A-Level in English Language – it was more of a refresh. It did make me chuckle how many terms were being used throughout the syllabus, but I was more or less happy with them.

I imagine there were some people in the room that weren’t so happy. That’s not to say that I know more than them; just that English language was a focused study area of mine for two years. I’m sure the maths experts in the room would be 100% more confident when it’s their turn for an INSET… And I’d find it challenging.

In fact, I know there were some people in the room that found the sheer amount of terms mind-boggling. And I can understand why. Determiners, prepositions, conjunctions and connectives, adverbs, inverted commas, subordinate clauses and all the rest of it – it’s a potential minefield of terms. Terms that we’re supposed to be passing on to 10 year-olds in preparation for a test. Terms that, maybe, we’re not totally confident using as teachers. Terms that, maybe we’ve not heard before.

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