Sitting down too much!

BBC news covered a story earlier this week about sitting down too much, especially in the classroom. There’s also a piece on their website stating a similar thing to what was mentioned on the telly-box. Essentially, if you missed it and can’t be bothered to read the BBC article, primary school children are apparently sitting down too much and not doing enough activity.

I reckon they’re right.

I’m all for activity and getting up and about to learn. I think it’s a fantastic thing to do: encourage the children to be fit and healthy and pack in some learning whilst moving around. It’s usually more fun, caters to the needs of the kinaesthetic learners (if we’re still using this theory), and helps kids to be fit and healthy. Win, win, win.

What about the limitations though? I’m fortunate enough to have a small class of 23 (even if they are spread across plenty of years) so it’s something that’s manageable for us. Often, we’ll push back all the tables and chairs to the edges of the classroom and do some acting. Only a couple of weeks ago we had a mini-maths olympics inside our classroom – the weather was too bad to get outside. I like to think I’m working towards a happy medium of getting the kids out of their chairs and moving around.

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