Final Assessments

Every year, around this time, I have to make a ‘final’ decision for year 6 teacher assessments. I assume these are reported out to government somewhere, though they might just go on record and hang about until OFSTED decide to visit and scrutinise everything with their beady eyes. I also say ‘final’ using inverted commas because, whilst this really is the last official piece of assessment I’ll do for the year 6s, there are still 4 weeks left. It’s not truly final… there are 4 weeks left. We don’t just sit and twiddle thumbs in this time – progress can still be made. There are 4 whole weeks left!

This year has been particularly interesting and I find myself scratching my head furiously over this set of assessments, more so than either of the two sets of year 6s I’ve sent off before. Back in September, we had little to no idea how assessment would look at the end of the year. Thankfully, we have a pretty good system in place for their day-to-day assessments, but their final set has to be based off the interim assessments. I link to that not to encourage you to get your head around what a year 6 pupil apparently should know, but out of interest for anyone who wants to see the ridiculousness that is teacher assessment.

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A Huge Thank You

Now that it’s officially summer (I had another day at the local show promoting the school yesterday), I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the year. It’s been another busy one, especially with only one half-day for PPA (I miss my NQT time!), though it’s been wonderful.

I’ve managed to consolidate some of the things I wanted to and try out some new ones. The idea of having no book for ‘topic work’, and instead keeping it all in a ‘writing book’, was one of these new ideas. The original idea stemmed from a discussion I had when my year 6 writing was moderated last year where (apparently) there was a lack of cross-curricular writing shown in our English books. I disagreed, and eventually they finalised the assessment which I’d gathered (I knew I was right!), but it still got me thinking. This year, having all the writing in one place, was an attempt to show a range of different cross-curricular writing easily.

It didn’t really work as we were slightly confused throughout the year about which books we ought to be using for which bits of writing. It also made revisiting things we’d looked at in the past a lot more difficult – you had to flick back a few pages sometimes to find the previous work. All the writing was in one place so I got what I wanted, but actually Read more