Primary Teaching: Worth 8% Less

Today was an unusual moment for me, when out and about shopping (of all the things). My partner and I have been making the most of the school half term by visiting Glasgow and getting away from work for a bit. I have to say, it’s a wonderful city and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here with her; I’ve even managed to snag some photos from a dinosaur exhibition in the Kelvingrove museum for school!


Now, I must warn you, the rest of this post is riddled with moaning and a healthy serving of sarcasm. If this is not your thing, I suggest you read a different post, like this one (which is pretty happy). I usually try to avoid posting these kinds of things but I’ve not written one for a while so here goes. Read more

Raspberries, Apples, Scratching and Pythons.

The new computing curriculum is on its way, whether we like it or not… and, coincidentally, I do. I think part of my relative happiness that the IT curriculum is being updated stems from the fact that I like technology.

I’ve always loved a good gadget and taught myself to use a couple of different ‘coding languages’, albeit to a fairly simple level. And the new curriculum, as we all know, includes a section on computer science. The nerd in me loves this!

I was lucky enough today to attend the Hull IT conference 2014 and got to see some pretty cool stuff. I’m not going to blab on too much about it all – a lot of it was marketing – but I’ll mention a couple of things I’ve taken away from the day.

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