It’s here!

My Raspberry Pi arrived today. I’ve made a start learning scratch with it and, once I’ve got a little bit more of a hang with it, I’ll start to have a look at Python.

It’s quite impressive that it can handle a whole bunch of software, all running at the same time, and can browse the web… all in such a small thing. It actually feels like a computer when it’s all plugged in.


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  1. Hi,
    I am a 5th grade teacher in the United States. For the last three years I have been running an afterschool club for Raspberry Pi. I have had some success with my top coding students, but overall I would say it is a huge challenge for 5th graders who have little to no coding experience. There is so much you can do with Raspberry Pi that it’s hard to even scratch the surface in 10 after school sessions. I covered the basics of: Scratch, breadboarding, Python, Minecraft Pi, Sonic Pi, and then we would wrap up by building a codebot that is remote controlled with a Chromebook. The student favorites were Minecraft Pi, Sonic Pi, and the codebots. I only started teaching Sonic Pi last year and I wish I had discovered it earlier because I think it is a fantastic way to get kids interested in coding. Have you tried using Raspberry Pi with your students? If so what have you done?

    1. I’ve not used the Pis with the kids yet. Like you say, there’s just so much stuff to do with them that they become almost a never ending learning opportunity – and one that I’ve still not got my head entirely round. I think the hardware side of things is a little difficult for me and that’s meant that I’ve not used them in the class yet. Something I’d like to change but I’m not sure when yet.

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